Thursday, September 26, 2019

Partners in Hiring Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Partners in Hiring - Essay Example The recruiter must then evaluate how relevant the requirements really are. It must also be understood what the expectations from the new employee are and what skills he or she must possess. These must be well communicated to the manager so that he or she can create the perfect candidate profile. The hiring manager must then be explained how to carry out the interview, how to analyze resumes, and how to ask questions about ambiguous phrases such as â€Å"involved in† to get a deeper insight into the candidate. Also the hiring manager must be able to assess responses to questions effectively. Hiring managers must be told not to simply believe what the resume says. For instance, â€Å"good communication skills† need not necessarily mean that the candidate’s communication skills are good enough for the position. Companies should make it a point to test candidates on communication skills through written and oral tests, and must be made to give a short presentation to test their presentation skills as well. Also, personality should be judged following a requirement checklist and should not, merely, be based on personal preferences. Giving managers long forms and brochures to read up on is not the best idea. Chances are, all the reading materials would end up going on top of the shelf and never be opened again. The fact is, managers do not have time to read the forms, brochures, and other materials. Staffing decisions should never be made in a hurry. Staffing requires a lot of costs in terms of training, scheduling, paperwork, background checks, and many more. To make all these costs worthwhile, it must be ensured that due time and importance is given to the hiring process and more focus is given to long term hiring instead of just filling in the

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