Friday, October 4, 2019

Finance Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 6

Finance - Essay Example domestic country Australia and foreign country Namibia1. The company influences corporate social responsibilities in the form of its responsibilities to the shareholders, employees and the broader community involved in this business. The board, management and employees of this organization are responsible for the corporate responsibilities to the share holders and social responsibilities to the community on behalf of the company. Responsibility to environmental: Metals ensure all the internal as well as external stake holders of the company that the company highly cares for the environment involved in all properties of the company. According to the company’s disclosure in its Annual report 2011, there are no environmental issues for which the company is responsible. Responsibility to the community: Metals recognize and consider the environment for each of its operation and legally respect the involved environment, culture heritage and native title issues which arise by the company’s activities. Responsibility to individual: The Company respect the rights of any individual related to its business and follow the law regarding privacy and confidential information2. The company discloses its corporate social responsibilities qualitatively that means it does not have any specific activities for its all society, environment and its internal stakeholders apart from the general legislative responsibilities which it have to do for performing ethical business practice. Disclosures of CSR include financial and non financial information of the company for its different kind of stakeholders who are involved into this business. The extent of disclosure is very detail and transparent of the same and also have not changed since GFC 2008. But the company’s performance has changed remarkably after GFC in terms of revenue growth and net worth of the company3. Metals Australia Ltd does not perform any particular CSR

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