Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Fire in the Pioneers by James Fenimore Cooper Essay

Fire in the Pioneers by James Fenimore Cooper - Essay Example He artistically finds and positions fire strategically amidst the conflict thereby portraying his artistic prodigy. Forest fires in the novel epitomize the conflict between humans in the civilized society and the nature. In the several scenes, Cooper uses forest fires specifically to portray he role of humans in the destruction of massive forestlands thereby perpetuating environmental pollution. The forest fires spread fast and consume hundreds of hectares annihilating both animals and vegetation throughout the entire region. Most of the fires are results of human carelessness since malicious individuals who spark the fires simply to torment the rest of the society instigate some of the fires. Other forest fires on the other hand begin because of carelessness such as smokers and famers burning refuse in their gardens. Such shows of carelessness result in the destruction of the ecosystem as hundreds of hectares of forest cover burns away killing all the animals in such ecosystems (Cooper 54). The portrayal of the forest fires is tactical as Cooper uses such to build the extent and effects of environmental degradation. As the fires spread, the forests sustain the flow as massive bush land go up in flame owing to human laxity. The inability of the people to orchestrate timely response to the forest fires result in the loss of both the ecosystem and human life at times. Cooper uses the forest fires to sustain his sardonic criticism of the society and the relationship between humans in the civilized society and the natural wilderness thereby depicting the priorities of the humans. Apparently, the humans fail to recognize the position and role of the environment despite their technological advancement a feature that contributes to the people’s inability to curb forest fires before they destroy large tracts of

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