Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Network Infrastructure Planning Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Network Infrastructure Planning - Research Paper Example One of the key computer features of windows SharePoint is its unique and powerful way of executing applications. There are four key execution options; cloud services, websites, mobile services and virtual machines. The mobile services and the web sites for every execution module have options. Windows Azure virtual machines give a multiple purpose state of the art computing environment. It is the best option to solve scalability issues providing low cost administration applications. It facilitates diverse applications, templates and frameworks used to built huge and scalable applications and link them to the website (Londer et al 2009). The development test and operations in a company becomes very efficient with windows SharePoint. The windows Azure mobile services in the same way increases developments of applications running in mobile devices through provision of turnkey ways that stores data virtually ensuring effective authentication of users and forwarding push notification. Wild frontiers can apply these technologies either as a combination or separately to built effective foundation for the right application. Virtual machine as a solution to storage needs The virtual machine building capabilities of windows Azure is very significant. The advantage is the fact that the services are only paid for when it is running. This is referred to as infrastructure as a service. In infrastructure as a service, the company outsources the computing infrastructure to another company which offers infrastructure as a service services. Mostly, the services which are outsourced are those which support the business operations such as servers, storage and networking components. The service providers invest heavily on the computing infrastructure therefore house, maintain and run them. The customer subscriber or pays on what is called per-user basis. This is where the service provider charges for the service which the client gets. Some of the key feature of infrastructure as a s ervice includes: administrative tasks automation, desktop virtualization, dynamic scaling, internet connectivity and utility computing services. The service is called hardware as a service. When creating a virtual machine, the VHD and the size of VM are specified. The user then pays for specific times that the virtual machine is running. Windows virtual machine provides stock VHDs gallery which includes windows server 2012 and windows server 2008 that runs SQL server with Linux mirrors availed by Microsoft which lets the user to create VMS from one’s own VHDs. Windows SharePoint offers various performance benefits. First, virtual machine saves time. This is because by an organization relying on using installed software’s to meet their needs they stand the chance of spending more time procuring, mastering and managing their programs. (Venugopal, Broberg & 2009).) However a business saves time upon adopting cloud since some cloud vendors offer software as a service, henc e an organization is spared the inconvenience of managing their programs. Windows sharepoint can be implemented in various ways. It can be used to built cheap platform for test and development which automatically closes when you finish using them. Application that uses any language and libraries can be built can be created. These applications can implemented any form of data management method provided it is supported by windows Azure. The application can use

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