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Marx s Manifesto Of The Communist Party Essay - 1933 Words

Karl Marx, lived between 1818 and 1883, was a humanist, materialist, and a philosopher, not an economist, contrary to popular belief. â€Å"[†¦] a man engaged in endless internecine political and philosophical warfare† (Menand, 2016, pg. 2). He is the author to the popular text, â€Å"Manifesto of the Communist Party† (1848), where Marx defined communism, discussed how industrial capitalism is evil, alienation versus objectification, liberation from alienation, types of class struggles in society, dialectical materialism, and socialism. Marx have always been harshly criticized for his advocacy of communism, but often times, it’s only because people fail to understand Marx’s communism (Marxism). The communism that modern days’ people came to know of are through the political system of Russia, China, North Korea, Vietnam, among other communist countries, where it’s controlled through absolute dictatorship and human’s freedom is redu ced; the rise of state capitalism and crude communism. In this essay, I will define communism based Marx’s definition in his text, â€Å"Manifesto of the Communist Party†, and explore why and how communism has been distorted for political purposes. Communism was based on the premise of the working class. Marx referred to them as the Proletariat. For clarification, one’s wealth and income aren’t to be mistaken as class identity; Marx declared that the relationship of ownership (master versus slavery) is what define the class one belongs to. Hence, throughout theShow MoreRelatedMarx s Manifesto Of The Communist Party Essay2332 Words   |  10 PagesKarl Marx was a philosopher, economist and a socialist. He grew up in a middle class family in Germany. He is one of the most important people in the history mostly due to his ideas that people refer to as Marxism, which includes many essays and theories about politics and economics. His most famous work is called Manifesto of the Communist party. In this manuscript, along with his friend Friedrich Engels, he states that the best way for a society to develop is through a revolution and struggle inRead MoreMarx And Friedrich Engels s Manifesto Of The Communist Party948 Wo rds   |  4 PagesIn 1848 Karl Marx and his close friend and collaborator Friedrich Engels wrote The Manifesto of the Communist Party as a platform for the Communist League, a society to which they both belonged. This essay will explore the types of societies that this document describes, as well as the effects that Industrial Capitalism had on societal and individual levels. The Communist Manifesto focuses mainly on describing the society that the authors fear or that already exists, rather than the society thatRead MoreComparing Marx And Engels s The Manifesto Of The Communist Party Essay957 Words   |  4 PagesTITLE â€Å"A spectre is haunting Europe – the spectre of communism†, Karl Marx and Frederick Engels state in the Manifesto of the Communist Party, first published in 1848. (Marx and Engels 15). The word communism has been used when describing several socialist revolutions in history, and in Karl Marx’s writing. Yet, almost none of these uprisings have led to an improved, civilized society. These has been In modern society, Marx and Engels believe there are only two classes, hostile to each other - theRead More Karl Marx And The Communist Manifesto Essay example901 Words   |  4 PagesKarl Marx And The Communist Manifesto Because the first printing of the Communist Manifesto was limited and the circulation restricted, the Manifesto did not have much impact on society after it was written in 1848. This meant that there were not many people who had access to the document. It wasn’t until 1871, when the Paris Commune occurred, that the Communist Manifesto began to have a huge impact on the working class all over the world.[i] The Paris Commune, whichRead MoreThe Communist Manifesto By Karl Marx And Friedrich Engels831 Words   |  4 PagesNovember 4, 2015 COMM 8200 Analysis of The Communist Manifesto A spectre is haunting Europe--the spectre of Communism. The Communist Manifesto reflects an attempt by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels to explain the goals of Communism, as well as the theory behind the movement. Marx sees all of Europe allied against the idea of communism and consistently demonizes it and its followers. This caused the Communists to assemble in London and create this Manifesto in order to make their views public and clarifiedRead MoreThe Great Philosophies From The 19th Century1386 Words   |  6 Pages- 02 17 Friday 2016 One of the greatest philosophies from the 19th century was Karl Marx. The German native born May 5 1818 was known for his works as not only a philosopher but an economist, journalist revolutionary socialist and sociologist. Marx’s different varieties of work influenced his understanding of society and and the economy during his time period. Once Marx got older, he moved to London England where he progressed his ideas and even collaborate with Friedrich EngelsRead MoreThe Communist Manifesto And Das Kapital1507 Words   |  7 PagesKarl Marx A German philosopher, economist, journalist and revolutionary scientist, Marx was best known for his work in economics. He laid the foundations for today s theories of labor and capital. The Communist Manifesto and Das Kapital were among the most famous of his published works. Born to a middle-class family in Trier, Prussia in 1818, his parents were Jewish, but converted to Christianity in 1816 due to strict anti- Jewish laws. He was baptized as a Christian at the age of six but laterRead More Karl Marx and His Radical Views Essay1169 Words   |  5 PagesKarl Marx and His Radical Views Karl Marx[i] Karl Marx is among the most important and influential of all modern philosophers who expressed his ideas on humans in nature. According to the University of Dayton, â€Å"the human person is part of a larger history of life on this planet. Through technology humans have the power to have an immense effect on that life.†[ii] The people of his time found that the impact of the Industrial Revolution would further man’s success within thisRead MoreMarx And Engels : An Old Meeting Place Of Voltaire And Diderot856 Words   |  4 Pages1844, 26-year-old Karl Marx and 23-year-old Friedrich Engels met in Paris for an aperitif at the Cafà © de la Regence – an old meeting place of Voltaire and Diderot. Their ensuing discourse lasted ten intense days and resulted in a lifelong friendship. This transformative relationship is evident in the publishing of The Communist Manifesto in 1848, during a period of widespread European revolution. Although Marx and Eng els agreed that revolution was justified to create a communist society, their differenceRead MoreManifesto Of The Communist Party920 Words   |  4 PagesThe Communist Manifesto, originally drafted as, â€Å"Manifesto of the Communist Party†, is a pamphlet written by Karl Marx, that in essence reflects an attempt to explain the goals and objectives of Communism, while also explaining the concrete theories about the nature of society in relation to the political ideology. The Communist Manifesto breaks down the relationship of socio-economic classes and specifically identifies the friction between those classes. Karl Marx essentially presents a well analyzed

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